About TTO

Shih-Hsun Hsu, the founder of TTO, started working in oil seal manufacturing and sales since 1961. From 1974-1984, he worked in a technical joint venture with world class Japanese oil seal group. Beginning in 1984, he started to promote his own brand around the world, TTO.

Based on a 10 year technical joint venture with a world class Japanese oil seal group. We continue to research new compounds for all applications. From design (Auto CAD), molding (CNC), metal case surface treatment (computer control), springs, vulcanization (vacuum forming), trimming, inspection to packaging, every process is done in house. This ensures consistent and reliable quality. With nearly 60 years and 3 generations of hard work, TTO is not only a pioneer, but also the leading oil seal manufacturer in Taiwan.

In order to stay ahead of our competition, we’re developing more and more automatic equipment to increase the precision of our products. In addition, customers will benefit by paying economical prices for products of the utmost quality. Our goal is to win the long term trust of our customers through reliable quality and service.